and to answer my own earlier question ( )

Yes, I do feel hurt

in fact, one of the things that most demoralizes me is when I spend days if not months working on a pic for someone only to have them not post it, not even to their scraps

because the way I see it if they don’t post it that means they disliked it, and any praise they gave me over it was false, pity fueled praise; or praise just out of obligation.

This excludes people who just don’t post gift art/commissions at all

not as bad when its just people that upload stuff slowly or just post amazing stuff (which none of my stuff ever is)

and made worst by people who are constantly posting gifts and commissions.

If you did not like it, say so, stop lying; you are only hurting me and demolishing my self esteem with those lyes.

But, I never bring it up, or try not to

its impolite, bothersome to them, and even if they do upload it it feels hollow, or worst, feels like I forced them to; which is something I never want to do.

Anonymous said: Romance of the 3 Kingdoms made it seem like the Battle of White Wolf Mountain was trivial for Cao Cao's forces (they annihilated the enemy after a single charge). Was it that simple in real life?


The battle itself was pretty simple, but that was mostly because Cao Cao put a lot of effort into making it that way. And it could easily have gone very badly.

Most of Cao Cao’s people advised against his campaign against the Wuhuan, for very good reasons. But Cao Cao persisted and made the campaign anyway, relying heavily on a guide named Tian Chou.

Cao Cao intended to take the Wuhuan by surprise, so he began with a feint. He marched his army up a main road. However, seasonal flooding made the road impassable, so Cao Cao turned around and went elsewhere.The Wuhuan scouts who watched the road saw Cao Cao withdraw and assumed that the weather had forced him to leave. However, Cao Cao had Tian Chou lead him through little-known byways, so he was able to enter Wuhuan territory undetected.

The Yuan brothers were at Liucheng, and that was where Cao Cao was headed. He advanced most of the way to the city undetected, but Wuhuan scouts finally caught sight of his force about 200 leagues away, near White Wolf Mountain.

Tadun hastily gathered his commanders to meet Cao Cao in battle, but they weren’t really prepared for this. Cao Cao attacked the Wuhuan from on top of the mountain. Zhang Liao broke their lines and that put an end to them. Many Wuhuan scattered and fled, and many of their leaders were killed in the battle.

So the battle itself was pretty simple, but that was because Cao Cao caught the Wuhuan unexpectedly and was able to attack them from the mountain top.

Even so, the campaign was costly. While Cao Cao lost no commanders in the battle, Guo Jia and Zhang Xiu fell ill during the campaign and both passed away. When he returned, Cao Cao rewarded everyone who had warned him against the campaign.




Watch it in video

what the actual fuck

The entirety of my dream house

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panthers aren’t even cute




they just look like they are 100% done with everyones shit


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I am Cabbageborn

what is happening anymore

Fus ro slaw

I think we all know where are it going to…


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whitephox said: I want to know how to draw more with the "lightning bolt" technique, I saw a couple of tutos in Pixiv but they were in japanese sadly, plus Sycra's videos only and no one said more about it, thanks in advance!


[Sycra] invented that method, so it’s not too well known, which is why few people talk about it. Even the [Japanese tutorial] you mentioned references [Sycra’s] [videos].

I did find [this blog post] with studies of figures made using the lightning bolt method, though.

There isn’t much to it, but you should have some understanding of anatomy to really get the most out of it; each of those zig-zagging lines fit pretty closely with the muscles and bones under the skin.

You can practice by finding and tracing the patterns over a photo like so:


(image from [SenshiStock]) then try doing it freehand.


If you saw this coming, raise your hand. And, well, I can’t be the only one with a Godzilla emasculating fetish. CLEARLY, I have a niche to fill. 


If you saw this coming, raise your hand.

And, well, I can’t be the only one with a Godzilla emasculating fetish. CLEARLY, I have a niche to fill.

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Klan heading to Ferguson to ‘guard white businesses,’ back shooting of ‘n*gger criminal’


Ku Klux Klan (KKK) members from three different states are reportedly traveling to Ohio to hold a two-day fundraiser for the officer who shot unarmed teen Michael Brown, and to “guard white businesses.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) first reported last week that that the New Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan had begun raising money in support of the Ferguson police officer who killed Brown.

On Friday, the New Empire Knights announced that it would be holding a fundraiser on August 23-24 in Sullivan, about 60 miles from Ferguson.

“With the police state in Ferguson, we will be holding our fundraiser in Sullivan City, MO,” the announcement said. “Donations of $10 and up. All money will go to the cop who did his job against the negro criminal.”

New Empire Knights Imperial Wizard Charles Murray said in the comments section of the group’s website that the event was “being attended by 3 different Klan fractions.”

And to anyone thinking of trying to get in the way, Murray warned, “we have guns (and more).”

“We are raising money for a cop who shot a n*gger criminal,” he explained.

In a statement on Monday, Sullivan Mayor Thomas Leasor said that the city had seen reports about the KKK’s plans.

“City elected officials nor City staff is aware of the specific location for the gathering or have any details regarding the event,” the statement said. “On behalf of the City of Sullivan elected officials and City staff I want to emphasize that we have not, or will not, endorse or condone any activity based on hatred, more specifically any activity based on hatred towards any ethnicity.”

Murray, whose group is based in Abbeville, SC, clarified to Sullivan Independent News that the event being held next weekend should not be considered a “rally.”

”We are not holding a rally. We are having a fundraiser,” Murray said. ” Members of ours have been selling items online also. All funds are going to [the officer].”

On Monday, the New Empire Knights issued a statement about plans to “guard white businesses near Ferguson.”

“With blacks out of control, we have our Missouri Realm going to areas near Ferguson,” the statement said. “We can’t have blacks robbing and murdering innocent whites. I am on my way down along with members from three different states and members from the Southern Mountain Knights.”


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this just happened on my dash… 

it happend again

How can you hate on cookies though?? Like, in any form?? They’re FUCKING COOKIES BRO!!!

don’t let the anti-moreos guy see this either

wait for it he has sources


 he’s here

hell yeah im here and im ready to whoop your substantially corrupt minds back into fucking place

You’re like 15 dude you ain’t about to whoop anyone’s ass

I have the power of skeleton memes on my side, what do you  have?  tom hiddystan? bendelick mumberdun? doctor when??? yeah

This is literally the most beautiful post on Tumblr

doctor when

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