All the motherfucking sacrifice and no upside

Wont be able to properly update my pc but will still be forced to change my hd and loose all my saves, customizations, instalations etc

All because this shit country I live in deems it worthy to charge 1200+ bucks for a fucking video card not 4 years old

What is even the fucking point
Gonna loose everything anyway
Wanted to keep my old hd until the it guy was allowed to search for better video cards to upgrade
But familly kept terrifying me into just changing my hd already, butting in

And I got all these news while half high from needi g 3 fucking doses of amesthetics before the drill at my teeth did nit feel like absolute agony



I guess the reason I still prefer SAI is because I’ve been using it for so long.  However, I would like to get better at using Manga Studio because of all the useful tools it has for making comics and special effects.

I’d hate the concept of bouncing between programs to make one picture or comic page, but if that’s what I gotta do then that’s what I gotta do.